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California Electrical Contractors

Energy & electrical contractor partners.

We are aggressively seeking Electrical, Roofing, HVAC, and other Contractors to become Sales and Affiliate Partners.

There is a transition that needs to occur in the contracting field. Too often, contractors sell materials and labor to their clients based primarily on the price of materials and suitability of purpose.

There is a huge opportunity for the contractor that can expand their customer discussions beyond the technical merits and include the financial impact to energy bills. Customers want their energy bills to be considered by contractors, but rarely is it even contemplated.

Here's an example of what we mean. The customer ultimately pays the associated energy bills from the equipment that the electrical contractor installs. For example, an electrical contractor recommends a lighting system that costs "X" because it will work and is inexpensive to buy. However, EnPro offers a solution that costs more than "X". When more closely examined, the EnPro solution also will consume 30% less energy for the customer FOREVER making the additional up-front cost a bargain! Unfortunately, the customer is not given the complete analysis with which to make smart decisions and is provided the cheap option.

EnPro delivers value! We will train Contractors that want to elevate their game to the next level on the new and exciting technologies that we offer. We'll provide technical, sales, and proposal training that will enable you to offer leading products and completely educate your customers on the energy impacts of your recommendations.

In the end, the level of service and value delivered to your customers elevates as does their loyalty to you!

Contact us to learn more about becoming an EnPro Authorized Partner.

Get Energy Efficient!

We welcome your questions, and look forward to showing you how to shed new light on increasing your bottom line with our incredible technologies.

Call Today 559-458-0301

Call Today 559-458-0301
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