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California Energy Incentives

Efficient energy use, equals profit generation.

Every business owner/manager is constantly looking for ways to increase revenue and reduce expenses to improve profitability. EnPro finds hidden profits in a company's existing energy expenses for instant positive financial impact.

EnPro builds Profit-Justified Solutions. Our recommendations are pre-budgeted. We start with your existing utility expenses (already budgeted), and use this allowance to fund energy reduction solutions.

You will not need to spend any more money than is currently being spent.

You will not need to wait to implement and execute our recommendations.

You will not need any capital.

You will generate profit immediately.

The financial methods available to achieve our goals are many. We will work with your financial team to determine which options best suit your organization. Some of the common methods are:
  • On and Off Balance Sheet Options
  • Leases and Loans
  • Energy Services Agreements (ESA)
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
  • PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy)
  • Tax Incentives, Rebates, and Grants
  • Many Other Options

Get Energy Efficient!

We welcome your questions, and look forward to showing you how to shed new light on increasing your bottom line with our incredible technologies.

Call Today 559-458-0301

Call Today 559-458-0301
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